Transparent Cloud-computing Consortium (T-Cloud Consortium)

Smart Meters

Smart Meter Project


The smart meter is a key component in the smart infrastructure required to realize an online basis for energy consumption and demand control within the office and home. The smart meter is a big data-type cloud system that includes not only the meter, but the access architecture and data collection and analysis applications for the meter.
We believe that, with an open large-scale distribution system, it is necessary for the social infrastructure to be open and transparent in order not only to manage and control power and new energy, but to be infrastructure that allows continuous innovation.


Applications using the smart meter system need to communicate with, and control, digital devices that consume energy, such as demand control. That is to say, the smart meter infrastructure needs to interconnect with smart social infrastructure as a large-scale Internet access network and data repository.
This WG aims to propose, evaluate and establish a transparent and scalable elemental technology and system architecture, as well as a business model that will enable not only the smart meter systems created by power companies but also the smart meters installed in each office and the smart meters installed in each home to all work with each other.


Hiroshi Ezaki (Tokyo University)