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Smart Home

Smart Home Project


With the objective of "providing a wide variety of services to meet the needs of the people living there, by connecting and providing optimal control of home appliances and equipment devices using information and wiring etc.," which is the original definition of the smart house, we will investigate and perform verification testing on a system that can provide a comfortable residential environment in a familiar and simple way."
For this project, rather than "Smart House", we aim to achieve the "Smart Home" as something more familiar.


Shinichi Shibata (Ubiquitous Corporation)

Content of Activities:

We will investigate new services that can bring about a comfortable space using the cloud and information terminals, and end devices, encompassing the perspectives of both business and technology, and the user perspective. In line with this, we will utilize the results of research and development into the technologies required to achieve these services, the construction of a business model and the execution of verification tests required in order to realize real-world services.